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The Rise and Fall of Milli Vanilli

During the late eighties, the sexy duo called Milli Vanilli shook their booty as they sang their hit songs “Girl, You Know It’s True” and “Blame It On The Rain” to sold-out crowds, but behind the spotlights and the music a dark secret lurked. Milli Vanilli was comprised of Fabrice Morvan, a Parisian and Rob […]

The Supergroup

Many of the greatest jazz recordings have been produced when the very best artists come together and bring out the best of each other. In rock music, collaborations like that do not occur nearly as often. A band formed by musicians who are already well known has come to be known as a “Supergroup.” The […]

The Bangles

The group The Bangles was born in 1981, coming from the same place that produced Rain Parade and Dream Syndicate. Starting completely on their own they made their first recordings on their own label and soon after for Faulty Products which inspired a self-titles mini album. The original members at this time were comprised of […]

Duran Duran & Their 80’s Jam

As I look back on the 80’s, I suppose the pop group Duran Duran could be best remembered for their intriguing lyrics and bizarre music videos. The band was promoted and followed by many big names in industry The group, named after a character in the movie Barbarella, consisted of five suave-looking members – Simon […]

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