Duran Duran & Their 80’s Jam


45360037-126x150As I look back on the 80’s, I suppose the pop group Duran Duran could be best remembered for their intriguing lyrics and bizarre music videos. The band was promoted and followed by many big names in industry

The group, named after a character in the movie Barbarella, consisted of five suave-looking members – Simon LeBon (vocalist), Nick Rhodes (pianist), Andy Taylor (guitarist), John Taylor (bassist) and Roger Taylor (drummer) . . . each member as sexy as the next.

The band made their debut with Planet Earth, and they got their first UK Top 10 hit with “Girls on Film” – with a video featuring nude models. Then came “Hungry Like The Wolf” and “Save A Prayer.” Between their music and their colorful videos, Duran Duran’s popularity spread like wildfire, and they soon became much sought after teen idols.

Duran Duran followed up with quite a few number one hits after “Girls On Film.” In 1983, “Is There Something I Should Know?” hit number one on the UK charts. Other number one UK hits included “Union Of The Snake,” “New Moon On Monday,” “The Reflex” (also a US number one hit), “Wild Boys,” “A View To A Kill” (theme from a James Bond movie), and “Notorious.”


A couple other Duran Duran favorites that I remember taping as soon as they came on the radio included “Rio,” and “Hold Back The Rain.”

In the late 80’s, LeBon, Rhodes and John Taylor kept the band afloat and maintained the recording trend. In 1989, the three were joined by Warren Cuccurullo and Sterling Campbell – musicians who previously worked with Frank Zappa and Missing Persons. Campbell stayed with the band only two short years before moving on.

In 1993, two hits from the greatest hits album Duran Duran — “Ordinary World” and “Come Undone” awarded them rekindled praise for the decade.

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